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About Web Hosting

What business are you in? Do you really want to struggle with the jargon and compu-speak stuff? That's why we're here. Using a reliable 24/7 web host projects a professional image while freeing you to focus on your real business.

Think about the future. As you grow, or maybe you are already there, you'll need server-side scripting, database support, e-commerce and sufficient bandwidth. And, there is always concern over Internet security. The EVC Hosting Services provide you with a growth path from simple services to the more complex. Pay only for what you need when you need it.

If you are going to use streaming audio or video, you'll need fast connections to the backbone and lots of disk space. You'll definitely need a web hosting company that is experienced with streaming techniques and has the equipment and bandwidth for your needs..

Microsoft, Linux and UNIX servers?
The operating systems (OS) used by your web host should not concern you. The better hosting companies use Microsoft Server solutions, Linux and UNIX. There are benefits and detriments to all three systems. Any of these systems will do a good job of delivering web pages. You'll need to use Microsoft if server-side scripts will be Server Languages ASP or ASP.net. You can use ASP with a non Microsoft server that has installed Apache. Our servers are only Microsoft systems but do allow the use of ASP, ASP.net, CGI, PERL, PHP and Python. FrontPage requires the use of a Microsoft server.

Changing from another hosting company:
Changing from one host company to another is easy. But, a change requires some coordination. It may take a week for the new IP address to propagate throughout the Internet's domain name servers. So, you'll want the prior host server to retain your website during the first week after changing host servers.

You will need to be able to access your registration records at your domain name registrar. We will provide you with the new IP or domain name server information that you will need to change at your registrar.

Shared Hosting
Shared Hosting means that your website is on the same server as other websites. This is the least costly approach and is most useful for websites which are not mission critical with thousands of hits per day.

Includes e-mail services: yourname@yourorg.com

When you start with a small website, you might be on a server with many other websites. As your number of hits increases, or you find the need to expand the complexity of your website, then the next step is to move to a shared server housing fewer websites. And so on until your needs grow to require a dedicated server or a dedicated co-location server.

Dedicated Hosting
The web hosting company provides a server solely for your website at their location. They own it, you lease it. Their people handle all server functions. This is really overkill unless the website is mission critical and has thousands of hits per day. If you need Dedicated Hosting, we'll help you and act as your technical geek/guru. You work only with us.

You'll probably need dedicated hosting if your website requires the use of special applications which are CPU intensive. Discussion forums and chat rooms are particularly demanding of CPU time.

Co-location Hosting
This is a server you actually own. It is housed at the web hosting company's site. Same as Dedicated Hosting except you have more control over the equipment, the software and lots of other computer administrative stuff. You work only with us.

It is your computer and we'll custom design your services.

The real benefit to co-location is that you don't have to deal with telephony issues. The co-location service provider owns, provides and operates the telephony equipment providing your bandwidth requirements.

Free Hosting
Some hosting companies provide "free hosting." The web hosting company provides a shared server for your web site. The catch is: They will advertise on your web site or have some other method of generating revenue from your free use of their server and bandwidth. EVC does NOT provide free hosting.


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